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I received this beautiful vintage 1970’s Olga Bodysilk Nightgown as a birthday gift this year and I’m so happy. ;A;
I’ve had my eye on this piece for a while and now being able to add it to my collection is a good feeling. ❤ (And I’ve always wanted to own an Olga nightgown! ;A: )
Many thanks. ❤

Style 9692
Color: Blue Willow

Vintage 1960’s Henson Kickernick Black Nylon and Lace Mini-Slip.

I just had to have this one. ❤

Got a new dress! :)
I love the fit, I wish they still made them like this. ❤

A little treat I decided to get for myself today. :)
Yet another beautiful piece to add to my collection! ❤
The color couldn’t be any more perfect.